Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Resurrection + Prayer Request for Divine Mercy!

After the wonderful Holy Week and the Resurrection, I am back on 'study leave' for my finals. Frequent blogging now, till exams.

Imagine Jesus appearing to all his disciples, bit by bit. (With a lil boo-ah maybe! Who said God didn't have a sense of humour!!!)

Imagine their happy surprise. ( our Lord did it after all!)

Imagine St. Thomas! (Apostle of my country- India)

Imagine other apostles looking at St. Thomas.. (We told you so...)

Imagine the Pharisees, who set extra guards. (Quick!)

Imagine what the guards had to tell. ( earthquake..stone rolled...light...we ran...)

Imagine Mary Magdalene. (speechless...coz' I have seen Him)

Imagine that secret joy in the air. (I can smell it! Psstt...only till Pentecost!)

P.S. Please pray for a dear friend. Divine Mercy is urgently, heavily, certainly required! Pray for this soul. I will be grateful.
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