Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mr. Mine!

So this is the first official post about my man:

Down to Earth, a sense of humour that can crack me up when I am at my craziest, calm, quiet, hardworking, enjoys being with family, a good friend-(one you can keep your hand on the shoulder,push and tease) and a man of God.
(Psst..St. Joseph, thank you for listening to my prayers)

I can go on and on about him. Of course, he is human too with his mistakes and short comings just like me (and you ;). The point is he is mine.

Yes girls! Dreams do come true! Princes do exist! And they do sweep you off your feet!
But wait to be swept off by yours!

PS: Keep us in your prayers. I will surely keep you in mine.

Happy Feast of the Assumption of Our Lovely Lady in Blue and it is our Independence Day too! J

My work (part 2)

So what I exactly do is:
  • Prepare curriculum which includes:
  • Choosing what must be taught across grades
  • Eg: Grade1- vowels, consonants, blends, little revision of phonics moving to comprehension, making questions
  • Grade8- Novel- The Time Machine, auxiliaries, tenses-perfect and perfect continuous ones
  • Making plans (across grades 3 to 8)
  • Choosing texts for the plans- the fun part J (novels, newspaper articles, poems, essays, stories, comic stories, posters, invites, notes-will soon add my work ;) )
  • Arranging resources for the plan (videos, newspapers, audios-in different accents of English, chart paper and the rest)
  • Revising plans
  • Adjusting the time limit
(Next in these series: Where I work? with some photographs)